File No. 351.117/30.

Ambassador Sharp to the Secretary of State.


452. Department’s 442, December 31. Representations made as directed. French Government in reply state that the Civil Code makes no distinction between Frenchmen emigrating prior to reaching age of military service and those emigrating after reaching such age. They further state that naturalization of a French citizen only causes him to lose his French nationality when authorized by French Government. They also state that by virtue of fundamental principle of French legislation a French minor cannot effectually change his country or become naturalized before attaining majority; but before reaching his majority every Frenchman becomes liable to military service. Therefore French note concludes Peralme’s definite release from military obligations can only take place after accomplishment of his regular military service in France, and after passing the age of thirty-four years, thus passing into the territorial army, when his naturalization in a foreign country would be fully recognized.