File No. 422.11G93/777.

The Secretary of State to the British Ambassador.


In reply to the memorandum from the British Ambassador, dated April 30, 1915, regarding the representations of British bondholders of the Guayaquil & Quito Railway Company to His Majesty’s Government, as to the possibility of united action on the part of His Majesty’s Government and the Government of the United States in bringing to the attention of Ecuador the obligations to the bondholders, the Secretary of State is pleased to inform the British Ambassador that instructions were sent to the American Minister at Quito on April 26, 1915, to endeavor to bring about the recognition by Ecuador of the rights of American investors under the contract which the railway has with the Ecuadorian Government.

For the information of the British Ambassador a paraphrase of the telegram of instruction to the American Minister at Quito is transmitted herewith and the Secretary of State would be very much obliged if he could be informed as to what steps are being taken by His Majesty’s representative in Quito relative to having the Government of Ecuador comply with its contractual obligations.