File No. 422.11G93/771.

The Secretary of State to the Minister of Ecuador.

No. 17.]

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your note of February 9, 1915, in which you refer to certain matters which were considered at the general meeting of the shareholders of the Guayaquil & Quito Railroad Company, a report of which was sent you by the two members chosen to represent the interests of the Ecuadorian Government.

So far the Department has not received notice of the intention of the company to proceed in the manner which was stated to have been proposed in the meeting referred to by you. Should Mr. Farr address the Department in the sense of the proceedings of the executive committee, the Department will take under careful advisement the substance of his communication and inform you in due course as to what steps it deems advisable in the circumstances.

If on the receipt of a communication from Mr. Farr it appears expedient to talk this matter over personally, I shall be glad to avail myself of your offer to call at the Department.

Accept [etc.]

W. J. Bryan.