File No. 839.51/1580.

The Secretary of State to Chargé Johnson.


The President has sent to this Department the telegram of President Jiménes in which the latter suggests that Charles M. Johnston be prevented from assuming any office in the Dominican Republic.

[Page 314]

Please call upon President Jiménes and discreetly but forcefully call his attention to the fact that Mr. Johnston went to Santo Domingo with the understanding that he was to remain for three years while performing duties clearly agreed upon between the two Governments. If President Jiménes will specifically set forth his complaints against Charles M. Johnston the Government of the United States will carefully examine allegations of misconduct and act after reaching its conclusions.

It was recently agreed between the Dominican Commission and this Government that Mr. Johnston’s employment as financial expert should terminate June 30, 1915, and that July 1, 1915, he should become an employee of the receivership. Mr. Johnston left here June 17 and carries five important letters of instructions which you should read. This Government desires to give full consideration to the wishes of the President of the Dominican Republic but is loath to consider the removal of any employee under the receivership, at least not until a full hearing has been allowed, as the appointment of the personnel of the receivership is a function of the President of the United States.