File No. 839.00/1715.


Referring to my cable of July 9, 8 a.m. Situation not improved. Government taking energetic measures and shipping munitions and men to various points. Macoris armed bands had been committing depredations. President Jiménes and some of the opposition leaders insist people of this country want peace and that disorderly element alone taking advantage of situation. Arrests and enforced enlistments are causing departure to the bush here and elsewhere and wholesale arrests are considered necessary. Significant thing is that already heavy inroads on funds appropriated for other purposes have been made for war operations. President seems determined at all costs to compel order. Feliu not yet decisively defeated.

President intimated yesterday afternoon without any suggestion from me that presence of American war ship here and one in Puerto Plata would be of great assistance to the Dominican Government, but distinctly stated that he made no request. In view of the source of suggestion believe this form of aid to Government should be first tried and at once.