File No. 939.00/1687.

The Secretary of State to Minister Sullivan.


Answering your April 18, 11 p.m. It is not wise to authorize the expenditure of additional money for military purposes. Unless this Government assists the Jiménes Government the insurrection would be likely to spread, reviving the old conditions of lawlessness. As our Government must furnish assistance it would be better to do so at once and thus save the Jiménes Government needless expense. [Page 285] You will therefore advise President Jiménes to demand the resignation of Arias and any other members of the Cabinet who are conspiring with the insurrectionists. Also advise him to arrest these conspirators at once if they attempt to interfere with the orderly administration of his Government. You will see these revolution leaders also and notify them that this Government will hold them personally responsible for any attempt which they make to interfere with the Government whether that attempt is made by them directly or through their supporters. This Government meant what it said when it declared that it would tolerate no more insurrections in Santo Domingo and it will furnish whatever force may be necessary to put down insurrections and to punish those guilty of exciting or supporting insurrections.