File No. 839.00/1684.

Minister Sullivan to the Secretary of State.


Political plot under way here to impeach President Jiménes on the charge that he failed to act in carrying out congressional resololution to remove Johnston and on further charges of frivolous nature made against Velásquez, Minister of Fomento; both charges aimed at American influence here. Constitution provides that majority of both Houses can impeach President. Upon such vote President ipso facto loses executive power and election of new president must follow by Congress. Vidal and Arias supporting plot, with the Horacistas assisting. This plan offers malcontents a way to upset the Government without resorting to revolution. Arias is the candidate for the presidency, supported by members of Legislature who desire to shake off restrictions on looting of Government funds. Several secret meetings have already been held and certain members of Cabinet are said to sympathize with the project. I recommend that politicians be given to understand that Jiménes cannot be impeached for good faith with us.