File No. 810.51/372a.

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador of Argentina.

My dear Mr. Ambassador: Owing to unavoidable delays in the designations of the High Commissions of several of the Latin American Republics, and the preparation of papers upon financial subjects for discussion at the conference of the International High Commission at Buenos Aires, the Secretary of the Treasury has, through this [Page 23] Department, proposed to the Governments of these countries that the conference be postponed from November, 1915, to April, 1916, and that, if entirely agreeable, April 3 of that year be fixed as the opening date.

This proposition has met with the concurrence of the Governments of Chile, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and Salvador, and it is expected that in the next day or two the Governments of all the countries to be represented at the conference of the International High Commission will have been heard from.

If the postponement of the conference is decided upon, as is now expected, the second conference of American financiers will be postponed until 1917, in order that an appropriate period may elapse between the two meetings.

I bring this to your knowledge in the desire to keep you fully informed regarding this important matter.

I am [etc.]

Frank L. Polk.