File No. 839.00/1668.

Minister Sullivan to the Secretary of State.


The Dominican Government intends to forcibly eject the governor, also the military commandant of Puerto Plata, as both refuse to vacate except upon terms which the Government refuses. The governor of Puerto Plata has censored the Dominican Government’s messages sent by French Cable Co. Dominican Government today requested that State Department allow sufficient funds to suppress successfully the threatened resistance. The Dominican Government [Page 281] urges that the trouble is purely local and should be suppressed by its own military forces rather than by American forces. Legation is asked to transmit by consular code Dominican Government’s message to its officials of Puerto Plata.

Dominican Government requests thirty thousand for munitions of war and one thousand daily for fifteen days.

I am convinced that should uprising at Puerto Plata be permitted without interference from us it would encourage the belief that the old revolutionary methods could be again employed with impunity. Please instruct.