File No. 837.55/26.

The Secretary of State to Minister Gonzales.

No. 150.]

Sir: The Department encloses a copy of a note dated February 19, 1915, No. 46, from the Chinese Minister in Washington, with reference to the admission of Chinese into the Republic of Cuba.

[Page 270]

It appears from the correspondence on this subject that in November, 1913, the President of Cuba suspended the operation of the law passed by the Cuban Congress in May, 1913, imposing a head tax of five hundred dollars upon every Chinese immigrant, irrespective of his occupation. Recently the President of Cuba issued an order rescinding his action in November, 1913.

You are instructed to use your good offices, in cooperation with the Chinese Chargé d’Affaires at Habana, towards securing the consent of the Cuban Government to allow the question of admission of Chinese into Cuba to remain in statu quo pending the conclusion of certain treaty negotiations now under consideration by the Chinese and Cuban Governments, and referred to in the enclosed note. With this end in view you will lend your good offices, in cooperation with the Chinese representative in Habana, towards inducing the Cuban Government to allow the suspending order of November, 1913, to remain in effect pending the conclusion of the proposed treaty between China and Cuba.

I am [etc.]

For the Secretary of State:
Robert Lansing.