File No. 810.51/309c.


To the Diplomatic Officers of the United States in Latin America.

Gentlemen: In carrying out the Department’s wishes expressed in its circular instruction of July 10, 1915, that diplomatic officers in Latin America fully inform themselves regarding the Conference of American financiers recently held in this city, and especially with [Page 22] regard to its outcome and its plans for future work and accomplishments, I transmit herewith a number of memoranda by foreign delegates and American officials which will give you a concrete understanding of what was accomplished at this important gathering and its future aims in reaching a uniformity of laws governing bills of exchange and other monetary matters throughout the Americas.

It is hoped that you will familiarize yourself with the enclosed pamphlets to enable you to discuss fully and ably financial questions with the High Commission of the country to which you are accredited in arousing and maintaining interest in the coming International High Commission, which is to meet in Buenos Aires in November next.

The Department has from time to time impressed you with the importance of your assistance in carrying out the plans started at the Conference in May last and I may assure you that in the appointment of a High Commission and adequate representation at Buenos Aires much rests with your interest and activity in that direction.

In the Department’s circular instruction above referred to, it was stated that it was hoped that briefs on the various subjects to be dealt with at the meeting of the International High Commission could be sent to you by August 15. It is found that it will not be possible to send these briefs until about the middle of the following month, September.

I am [etc.]

Robert Lansing.