File No. 711.21/314a.

The Secretary of State to the Minister of Colombia.

My dear Mr. Minister: The President and I deeply regret the delay that has occurred in the consideration of the treaty between your country and ours. While we feel sure that a majority of the Senate has, at all times, been favorable to the ratification of the treaty, there has been a strong and persistent opposition which has made it impossible for us to move more rapidly than we have. The new Senate, we are convinced, will be more favorable to the ratification of the treaty than the Senate which has just adjourned.

The President has considered for several days the advisability of calling a special session of the Senate, but this Congress had been in session almost continuously since its first assembling, longer than any previous Congress; and, after consideration, he decided that the situation was not such as to make it wise to convene the Senate in extra session at this time. We believe, too, that the sentiment in favor of the treaty will grow as its terms are better understood and [Page 260] that the prospects of ratification will therefore be better if action is delayed.

Please assure your Government that the President has lost none of his interest in the success of the treaty and will press its consideration at the next session. We appreciate the speedy and favorable action taken by your Government and we trust that your people will have patience and await the action of our Senate.

Accept [etc.]

W. J. Bryan.