File No. 819.55/58.

Minister Price to the Secretary of State.


The National Assembly of Panama on the second debate has amended Law 50, Chinese Exclusion Act, enclosed with dispatch No. 417, April 18, 1913,13 extending prohibition of first article to those naturalized in other countries and their children; also forbidding passports to those leaving Panama, barring their return. Cancelling promissory notes pursuant to note of Panaman Minister for Foreign Affairs enclosed with despatch No. 62, January 17, 1914, has been denied though requested by Panaman Minister for Foreign Affairs. I have used good offices and conferred with Chinese Consul General. The bill withheld from third debate temporarily, uncertain and not reassuring [omission in transmission] have been made by Panaman President and Panaman Minister for Foreign Affairs. Your good offices through Panaman Minister Morales might be effective if agreeable to you.