File No. 319.1123L25/13.

The Secretary of State to Minister Price.

No. 170.]

Sir: The Department has received your No. 590, of the 21st ultimo, in which you report your conversation with the Panaman Minister of Foreign Affairs regarding the case of the Panaman policeman accused of shooting Private Deloughery and of complicity in the murder of Corporal Langdon during the Colon riot of April 2 last.

You state that Mr. Lefevre expressed the hope that the Government of the United States would not think of taking over the National Police force in the cities of Panama and Colon, saying that it would be a practical deprivation of the sovereignty of Panama, and that, in reply, you warned him against feeling assurance in this line unless energetic action was taken and satisfactory settlement made in the cases growing out of the last three riots in Panama.

Your warning and the notes transmitted by you to the Panaman Foreign Office in these cases are approved.

I am [etc.]

Robert Lansing.