File No. 319.1123L25.

Minister Price to the Secretary of State.


A mêlée between American soldiers and Panama policemen and civilians took place late this afternoon in Colon resulting in Corporal Langdon of our Coast Artillery Corps stationed on the Atlantic side being killed by a Panaman policeman and three soldiers being wounded but not fatally. A slight scalp wound is the only injury to a Panaman so far reported. Policeman who killed Langdon was arrested by our soldiers.

It is stated that the trouble began between a soldier who had been drinking and a Panaman policeman neither of whom however seem to be among the injured. In addition to killing and Avounding of the soldiers mentioned others were pelted with rocks. Good Friday holiday and a baseball game had drawn a number of soldiers to the city. As far as investigation now shows, shooting of Langdon was most unjustifiable. I shall proceed to Colon to-night.