File No. 419.11D29/77.

Minister Price to the Secretary of State.

No. 389.]

Sir: Supplementing my despatch No. 304 of October 13, 1914, regarding the Cocoa Grove affair of July 4, 1912, I have the honor to enclose a copy of my Foreign Office note of this date transmitted to the Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Panama.

Feeling little hope of securing successful prosecutions in these cases, if any at all, I would respectfully suggest the advisability of considering the terms of an ultimatum herein and its presentation at an early date, unless more satisfactory progress and response shall be obtained from the officials of the Panama Government in the very near future.

I have [etc.]

Wm. Jennings Price.

Minister Price to the Secretary for Foreign Affairs.

No. 119.]

Excellency: I have the honor to call your excellency’s attention to the lack of further communication to this Legation since the date of your excellency’s note No. 4479 of September 8, 1914,10 regarding the Cocoa Grove affair of July 4, 1912.

After the receipt of said note and before my leaving in October last on vacation I held a conference both with His Excellency, President Belisario Porras, and with the Honorable Judge Saturnino L. Perigault, regarding said important pending cases. I received the impression from Judge Perigault in this conversation on October 13 last that about three weeks thereafter the inquiry then being conducted by him should end, and the decision of the Superior or Criminal Judge should then be handed down, subject to being again passed on by the Supreme Court, in event of being adverse.

In view of the exceeding interest taken by my Government in these distressing happenings and the unceasing attempts on my part to impress your excellency’s Government with the determination of my Government to be satisfied with nothing less than full and proper redress herein, I must confess a large disappointment in this another provoking delay.

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I have again waited, since my return, hoping for voluntary and satisfying communication from your excellency’s Government before reiterating the solicitude of my Government in these cases. Such communication has not been forthcoming.

I am therefore impelled to be insistent and emphatic beyond the degree that it is ever pleasant to reach, and, referring to the repeated demands firmly but courteously presented to your excellency’s Government in this matter, respectfully to advise your excellency that further continued delays and replies of a like unsatisfactory character to those in the past can be susceptible of only the most regretful construction.

I await the response of your excellency with eagerness and avail [etc.]

Wm. Jennings Price.
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