File No. 718.1915/245.

The Secretary of State to the Minister of Costa Rica.

My dear Mr. Minister: I am just in receipt of your favor of May 5 referring to your former note in regard to the award made by Chief Justice White, arbitrator in the dispute between Costa Rica and Panama. After a careful examination of the case this Government feels it to be its duty to lend such influence as it may properly exert toward the carrying out of the award made, and has sent to the American Legation at Panama a communication which will so inform the Government of Panama.

At the same time this Government ventures to express the hope that the Governments of Costa Rica and Panama will consider in a spirit of neighborliness and friendship such incidental questions as may arise in connection with the carrying out of the award. The boundary line, so long in dispute, being now definitely determined, it is of the highest importance that all animosities which have grown out of the controversy should be forgotten and that the countries act toward each other with liberality in respect to the rights of those of either country who now find their residence included within the territory of a government of which they are not citizens.

It is respectfully suggested for the consideration of the two Governments that it would safeguard from pecuniary loss individuals affected by the change in boundaries, if each Government would agree to purchase, at its market value, any property belonging to a citizen of the other country whose property has, by the change in the boundary, passed under the jurisdiction of a government different from that to which he owes allegiance.

Accept [etc.]

W. J. Bryan.