File No. 704.9317/9.

Minister Jefferson to the Secretary of State.

No. 162.]

Sir: I have the honor to enclose herewith for the Department’s information a copy of a note received from the Chinese residents of Nicaragua addressed to this Legation in relation to advices that they received through their Consul General in San Francisco, California. The substance of the communication is as follows:

That his excellency the Chinese Minister in Washington had conferred with the Department of State relative to this Legation lending aid to the several Chinese citizens now residing in Nicaragua in case of needed protection to life and property; also making enquiry if the Legation had received a recent communication from the Department of State bearing upon this matter.

While for sometime past the Legation has used its good offices in behalf of the Chinese residents of Nicaragua, should like to be informed if the Department has other instructions to communicate regarding this matter.

I have [etc.]

Benjamin L. Jefferson.
[Inclosure 1—Translation.]

Certain Chinese residents of Nicaragua to Minister Jefferson.

Mr. Minister: The undersigned Chinese citizens, now residing in this republic, wish to call to the attention of your excellency that we have received a note from our Consul General in San Francisco, California, advising us that the Chinese Minister of the Republic of China residing in Washington had obtained from the Secretary of State of the United States the protection of our lives and interest in this country in case of necessity, to which we have called your excellency’s attention in order that results might be effectuated.

In virtue of which, we most respectfully come to ask your excellency if you have already received the above-mentioned instructions, in order to appear before your excellency in demand of protection in case of necessity.

We are [etc.]

P. P. Quan On Lon and Co.
[and eleven other signatures.]
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[Inclosure 2.]

Minister Jefferson to certain Chinese residents of Nicaragua.

Gentlemen: Referring to your note of May 1, with regard to certain instructions concerning Chinese citizens [etc.]

In reply I have the honor to inform you that up to the present time I have not received such instructions from my Government, but will take pleasure in laying the contents of your note before the Department of State of the United States.

I am [etc.]

Benjamin L. Jefferson.