File No. 312.11/6738.

Consular Agent Montague to the Secretary of State.


One Chinaman killed last night and another wounded. Diéguez bandits robbed local liquor establishment and were intoxicated all night; no Americans were molested since last report, but two Chinese restaurants were robbed and other Chinamen assaulted and robbed. Bandits also robbed Mexicans.

As I have heard from no one about forces arriving to protect Cananea and as each day the tension becomes more critical, and further, as I sent out a messenger to see Maytorena’s forces, said to be en route to Cananea to protect town, and as messenger returned without finding such forces, I am convinced that no protection can be expected from Maytorena or Villista forces, and therefore in absence of instructions from Department I am assuming responsibility for sending following telegram to General Calles at Agua Prieta:

For a period of nine days Cananea has been without civil or military protection, and bandits have been robbing and killing people and are still in the city. Last night they killed one Chinaman and wounded another and robbed others. When the mayor and your civil forces left Cananea I thought you were abandoning the town and I looked to the forces in Santa Cruz for protection. Now, as it seems that no protection may be expected from that direction, I respectfully request you to send competent officer with men to protect foreigners from abuse at hands of bandits, as conditions are daily growing worse, and unless protection is furnished very soon I fear that more serious disorders may take place with possible disastrous complications. Please answer at once and advise me whether I may expect protection from you.

There are about 2,000 foreigners in Cananea, of whom 1,500 are Chinamen. There is strong anti-Chinese feeling in Cananea, and if general looting starts without any semblance of authority to afford [Page 1096]protection the Torreon disaster may be repeated here. All other foreigners much excited.

Charles L. Montague.