File No. 312.93/124.

The Chinese Minister to the Secretary of State.

My Dear Mr. Secretary: I beg to inform you that I have just received the following telegram from the Chinese colony of Cananea, Sonora, Mexico:

We beg to inform you that on the night of 19th instant soldiers of the Maytorena faction and irresponsible citizens of the town completely sacked our mercantile and other business establishments at Cananea, about forty houses in all, causing us an enormous property loss. We have reported the occurrence in detail to the American consular service.

Chinese Colony of Cananea,
Sonora, Mexico.

In view of the lawlessness prevailing in that part of Mexico, as stated in the above telegram, I shall be greatly obliged if you will be so kind as to issue instructions to the nearest American consul to exercise his good offices in behalf of all Chinese residents in that district.

I am [etc.]

Kai Fu Shah.