File No. 312.93/89.

The Secretary of State to the Chinese Minister.

No. 62.]

Sir: Referring to the telegram dated March 18, 1915, from Douglas, Ariz., which was left at the Department on March 19 by the Counselor of your Legation and which related to certain alleged outrages against Chinese in Sonora, Mexico, you are advised that the Department has received a telegram from the American consul at Nogales, Mexico, dated March 22, 1915, stating that repeated requests have been made on General Maytorena by that consulate with a view to obtaining protection for Chinese in Sonora, but without success. Consul Simpich reports that not many Chinese have been killed but that scores have been robbed and maltreated. These appeals by Consul Simpich having proved futile, the Department telegraphed Special Agent Carothers on March 23 instructing him to make vigorous representations to General Villa, urging him to issue emphatic personal orders to Generals Trujillo, Soza, Morales, Acosta, and Urvalejo, now in Sonora, to discontinue the ill treatment and persecution of Chinese, Several thousand Chinese are said to be in Sonora and the condition of those in remote small towns is described as pitiful.

As bearing on the general situation surrounding Chinese residents of Sonora, I enclose herewith copy of dispatch No. 366 of March 16, 1915, from the American consul at Nogales, which contains suggestions for your consideration.

Accept [etc.].

W. J. Bryan.