File No. 312.93/91.

Consul Simpich to the Secretary of State.


Representations have been made to Maytorena. To my knowledge outrages complained of in telegram to Chinese Minister have been scandalous and continuous for many weeks; and repeated requests have been made on Maytorena by this consulate in efforts secure protection for Chinese without success. See despatch 366, March 16. Not many Chinese have been killed but literally scores have been robbed and cruelly maltreated apparently with approval of officers. Correspondence filed this consulate demonstrates futility of appeals to Maytorena. Respectfully suggest that vigorous representations be made Villa that he issue sharp personal orders directly to Generals Trujillo, Soza, Morales, Acosta, and Urvalejo, now in Sonora, to end that this increasing persecution of defenseless Chinese be ended. Several thousand Chinese in Sonora and conditions of those in remote small towns is pitiful.