File No. 701.5212/10.

The Secretary of State to Consul Canada.


Following telegram, dated February 9, received today from Brazilian Minister in Mexico:

Spanish Minister has informed me and other colleagues that he received this evening a telegraphic communication from Carranza intimating to him to leave the country within twenty-four hours to be counted from midnight of tomorrow. He will leave Mexico City February 11 for Vera Cruz, the only road now open. As the time is too short and he will arrive at Vera Cruz too late to find means of leaving the country within specified time, and so run risk of getting into trouble, it was thought you may arrange that an officer of the American man-of-war there could be ordered to meet him at the station and take him immediately on board the American boat, where he could await first opportunity to leave.

You will communicate above to American Commander. Carranza’s representatives here are wiring Carranza to furnish full protection to Spanish Minister en route, but as a matter of precaution you will take matter up at once with Carranza and ask for proper protection. Navy Department has given necessary instructions to Commander of vessel.