File No. 312.115/116.

The Brazilian Minister to Mexico to the Secretary of State .


345. The same as in the ease of the clergy, the bankers and merchants of Mexico City including foreigners have been intimated to pay five million pesos. I am informed that there is no disposition on their part to comply with this request; some bankers and merchants having already decided to close, putting their stocks and establishments under seals and delivering the keys to the consuls.

The manager of the Mexico City Banking Company incorporated according to the laws of Mexico called upon me for advice as to what he should do and asking for protection. As he stated that ninety-five per cent of their stock and ninety per cent of their deposits belong to American citizens, I beg you let me know immediately what I shall advise them to do. It is feared that if the money is not paid soon, most extraordinary violence will be employed.

Cardoso de Oliveira.