File No. 812.512/594.

The Acting Secretary of State to Mr. Walter Anthony.

Sir: The Department has received your letter of April 3, in regard to the payment of the taxes on your property in Mexico, and in reply informs you that on March 30, 1915, the Department was informed by the Brazilian Minister at Mexico City that the so-called Foreign Office now functioning in that place had advised him that payment of taxes on property located in territory under the control of the faction now occupying Mexico City might be paid either in Mexico City or in Chihuahua, or that money might be deposited for such payment in any bank in the United States, to the order of the Treasurer General, sending mail advices thereof to the Minister of Finance at Mexico City.

If, therefore, the section in which your properties are located is now controlled by the Villa-Zapata forces, it would appear that you might pay taxes thereon by one of the methods indicated.

I am [etc.]

Robert Lansing.