File No. 812.63/100.

Inde Gold Mining Company to the Secretary of State .


Sir: For your information I am enclosing herewith translation of a decree issued by General Tomas Urbina R. on April 14, 1915.


Inde Gold Mining Company,
W. Rowland Cox
[Page 917]

Jefatura Políca de inde.

I have the honor to make known to the public and to those who may be interested, the following:

General Headquarters of General Tomas Urbina Reyes,
Auza, San Luis Potosí, April 14, 1915.

These General Headquarters, at my command, make known:

That the emission of bills or tickets (bonos or boletas) by foreign residents in that place is strictly prohibited, and require of you that the employees of said foreign residents be paid in Mexican silver coin (plata sellada mexicana) or American gold, it being understood that disobedience to these orders will be severely punished.

I communicate this to you in order that you may communicate it to those interested, advising them that they should protect their employees to the extent that they be not discharged without at least a month’s notice, with the understanding that if this order be not complied with, their interests will be prejudiced.

General Tomás Urbina R.

The above I transcribe and make known to the public and those interested.

Major Patricio Hernandez,
Municipal President.