File No. 812.63/58.

The Secretary of State to Special Agent Carothers.


Reference your telegrams April 12 and 16, respecting mining decree. While Department appreciates assurances given relative to interpretation of decree, it believes that arbitrary power given official by decree will ultimately result in great injustice to many American mining owners who have acquired properties legitimately, under laws of Mexico, especially since terms of decree appear impossible to comply with from standpoint of economic mining operation.

So believing, Department considers that best interests both of foreign mining owners and of Mexicans themselves would be conserved by removing entirely menace of decree through its repeal.

If, as stated in your telegram April 12, intention of law is to prevent speculation in dormant mining properties, that end could of course be attained by law not embodying menace to present legitimate owners.

Bring above most earnestly to attention Villa and urgently ask that the decree be repealed.