File No. 312.11/6969.

The Secretary of the State to Consul Garrett.


Immediately take up with General Carranza the urgent necessity of rushing troops to Los Mochis to protect American lives and property, as the troops promised by General Dieguez have not yet arrived and attacks are continuing. Telegram received this morning states that yesterday attacking party looted and burned American property and that these raids were becoming daily occurrences.

Say to General Carranza that if he is unable to send immediately sufficient troops to protect American interests, this Government expects him to permit the landing of an adequate force of American marines to furnish protection to American interests at Los Mochis. Another warship is being ordered to Topolobampo to meet any emergency that may arise. These representations are being made directly to General Carranza as the Department is unaware of the present whereabouts of Silliman and Acuña.

You may say to General Carranza that, in view of the fact that this Government, with an earnest desire to aid in the restoration of peace in Mexico, allowed the passage of his troops across American territory in order to reinforce General Calles, it would seem that General Carranza should have no objection to the landing of American marines, in case of his failure or inability to furnish protection to American interests at Los Mochis.