File No. 812.001H87/37.

Collector Cobb to the Secretary of State .


Political conditions here generally continue to be the same as have been reported. Huerta expects to give bond the morning of July 6. He could give bond any time, as he has sufficient cash here. He is remaining in jail for political effect with Mexican people. New revolution seems to be going ahead; their partisans claim that Sonora [Page 834] is already for them and that they will have Juarez this week. Have conferred with District Attorney Camp. We agree that detention of Huerta without bond and his removal from border is urgently necessary. That would tend to break the spirit of the movement. Pinkney of the Department of Justice thinks Iturbide is here; the movement is very thorough and strong. If Immigration authorities could take Huerta, remove him from here and hold him without bond, it is possible that Huerta could be induced to return to Europe voluntarily, if Washington so desires.