File No. 812.001H87/24.

The Governor of Texas to the Secretary of State.


I am in receipt of the following telegram:

Chihuahua, Mexico, June 29, 1915.

In my capacity as Governor of the State of Chihuahua, Republic of Mexico, same being a frontier State of the said Republic of Mexico adjacent to and adjoining the State of Texas, United States of America, and I being the chief civil authority of said State of Chihuhua, hereby inform Your Excellency that warrants have been issued and formal complaints and legal documents have been filed by and before the Juzgado Segundo de lo Penal, sitting in the City of Chihuahua, the capital of the State of Chihuahua, the same being the court of competent jurisdiction in such case for the apprehension, arrest and detention of Victoriano Huerta, a fugitive criminal charged with the crimes of murder and conspiracy to murder committed in the said State of Chihuahua, and requisition is about to be made for his surrender, accompanied by such warrants, complaints and duly certified and authenticated copies of depositions in support of such charges; and I respectfully request the provisional arrest of said fugitive in accordance with the laws and treaties in such cases provided. I further represent to Your Excellency that I am the chief military officer in command of the State of Chihuahua.

General Fidel Avila.

To which I have replied:

I have received your courteous telegram of June 29 advising that warrants’ have been issued and complaints filed in your court of competent jurisdiction for apprehension, arrest and detention of Victoriano Huerta for the surrender [Page 830] of whom requisition will be made. I am also in receipt this morning of telegram from Diaz Lombardo, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Convention Government, advising that Attorney Gunther Lessing of El Paso will lay before me Your Excellency’s position in the matter. Upon arrival of your attorney with documents I shall be glad to receive and consider the matter.


El Paso, Texas, June 29, 1915.

Attorney Gunther Lessing of El Paso leaves tonight to lay before Your Excellency our position in matter about which Governor Avila telegraphed you to-day. Mr. Lessing has our full confidence and authority.

Diaz Lombardo.

To which I made reply as follows:

Your night-letter of June 29 received and also telegram from General Avila, Governor of Chihuahua. Upon arrival of Attorney Lessing with documents I shall be glad to receive and consider the matter.

I have no intention or disposition to do anything in this matter until I have the advice and suggestions of your Department. Please advise me at your earliest convenience.

James E. Ferguson,
Governor of Texas.