File No. 812.001H87/21.

Collector Cobb to the Secretary of State .


Generals Huerta and Orozco are now in Federal building. Agent Department of Justice, Beckham, has received instructions to detain them. Prior to the receipt of these instructions, by reason of your June 26 and urgency of situation, I insisted upon course pursued and assumed responsibility therefor. Late last night I learned through railroad of Huerta’s plans to leave train at Newman Station, twenty miles north of El Paso. With Beckham, District Clerk, two deputy marshals, and Colonel G. H. Morgan accompanied by twenty-five soldiers that he carried to prevent disorder or any attempt at interference, we went to Newman Station this morning and found Orozco and Huerta’s son-in-law awaiting train. We had prepared warrants to use if necessary, but found it unnecessary. Beckham invited Huerta and Orozco to accompany us to Federal building without arrest, which they did. Without display, we have treated them with consideration and every proper courtesy. Huerta is suave though Orozco is not suave. I am sure they had revolutionary [Page 829] plans and that the action here has been both right and timely. While assume full responsibility for the course taken, I respectfully suggest and recommend that both Colonel Morgan and Mr. Beckham be commended by their respective departments for the discretion shown by them.