File No. 612.1123/37a.

The Secretary of State to Special Agent Silliman .


We are informed that General Carranza has closed the ports of Yucatan against the exportation of sisal. This is a very serious matter since Yucatan is the only source from which the manufacturers of this country secure material for binding-twine and this is the period of the year when the twine necessary for the coming summer must be manufactured. Please see Carranza at once and call his attention to the great embarrassment that the farmers of this country are likely to suffer if the shipment of sisal continues to be interfered with as it has been for nearly a month, and in addition to this emphasize the loss which is caused to the people of that country who derive so much revenue from the production of sisal. It is imperatively necessary that some arrangement be made by which this sisal can be released for export. We are informed that there are 200,000 bales now in Progreso awaiting shipment. Bring this to the attention of Douglas, Carranza’s Washington attorney who is in Vera Cruz or will be there soon. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of this matter and you will therefore present it most urgently.