File No. 812.00/15510.

The Secretary of State to Special Agent Silliman .


On July 19 General Calles assaulted and captured border town of Naco in direct violation of Calles-Maytorena agreement, signed January 12 [11] last, providing that “they will not occupy in any way the port of Naco.”

It was also arranged between Roberto Pesqueira, representing General Carranza, and Maytorena, at that time, that Maytorena should be responsible for the civil officers of Naco. The Calles-Maytorena agreement also provided that Calles should hold Agua Prieta and Maytorena Nogales, and “that said places will not be attacked for any reason by either force, in order to avoid a struggle at any frontier occupied place which corresponds to an American occupied place, with the object of avoiding damage on American territory and thus expose the friendly relations with the United States.”

It is reliably reported that General Calles is now moving against Nogales which he intends to assault.

In view of existence of the Calles-Maytorena agreement you are instructed to make strenuous representations to Carranza to the end that General Calles be immediately directed not only to desist in his designs upon Nogales, but to at once withdraw his forces from Naco, a neutral point. General Calles should be informed that he will be held personally responsible for any act which might jeopardize the lives and rights of American citizens at these border towns by reason of any campaign of his against such towns in direct violation of his signed pledge. This Government expects Carranza to act with great promptness in giving Calles appropriate instructions. Telegraph immediately.