File No. 812.00/14758.

The Confidential Agent of the Constitutionalist Government of Mexico to the Secretary of State.62

Mr. Secretary: I am just in receipt of telegraphic instructions from Mr. Carranza, First Chief of the Constitutionalist Army and Depositary of the Executive Power of Mexico, directing me to bring to your excellency’s attention the contents of a letter received by General Plutarco Elias Calles, Commander of the Constitutionalist forces at Agua Prieta, from Colonel C. M. O’Connor, commanding the American troops at Douglas, Arizona:

In compliance with instructions from the Secretary of War, you are urged to in join upon all your forces a strict compliance with the terms of the agreement of January 11, 1915, between Governor Maytorena and yourself and prevent the recurrence of conditions such as existed at Naco, Sonora. You are further advised that in the event that an attack upon a border town takes place, that would endanger American lives and property, forcible action, if necessary, will be taken to protect them. A copy of this letter and your reply will be forwarded to the Secretary of War of the United States.

In reply to the above letter from Colonel O’Connor, I am directed to apprise your excellency that the agreement made between General Hill and Maytorena was immediately infringed by the latter when he occupied Naco, Sonora, and therefore, it would not be at all improbable that Maytorena might again infringe it in some other way; but in so far as our troops are concerned, and not because of the above-mentioned agreement but in observance of our spontaneous purpose to avoid international conflicts, Mr. Carranza has instructed General Calles to resort to all possible means to avoid any action which might endanger the lives and property of persons residing on the American side of the boundary.

I avail [etc.]

E. Arredondo.
  1. Receipt acknowledged April 2, 1915.