File No. 812.00/14690.

The Acting Secretary of War to the Secretary of State.

My dear Mr. Secretary: In accordance with our personal conversation in your office, I sent the inclosed despatch to General Funston.

With great respect [etc.]

Henry Breckinridge.

The Acting Secretary of War to General Funston.


Diplomatic representations are being made by the State Department to Carranza and Villa urging them to order their commanders to comply with the terms of the agreement of January 11, 1915, and under no circumstances execute an attack upon a border town that would endanger American lives and property. I will inform you as soon as I learn from the State Department that Carranza and Villa have actually received the diplomatic representations and will give you any further instructions that may then be necessary if any are necessary. You will take such steps as may be necessary to protect American lives and property in the event of an attack upon Agua Prieta provided that such steps do not include a crossing of the Mexican border by our troops. You will refrain, if it is at all possible, from taking any forcible action until you have heard from me that the diplomatic representations have been received by Carranza and Villa and they have had time to communicate their orders to their commanders. You will endeavor to communicate to the commanders of the Mexican troops along the Sonora border in the region about Agua Prieta that such representations have been made to Carranza and Villa and that forcible action, if necessary, will be taken to protect American lives and property. Urge upon these commanders compliance with the agreement of January 11 between Maytorena and Calles. The general object of these instructions is to prevent the recurrence of the conditions that existed at Naco. Advise the Department without delay of any threatening development of conditions.