File No. 812.00/14136.

The Confidential Agent of the Constitutionalist Government of Mexico to the Secretary of State.

Your Excellency: I have been informed by the press that the Department of State continues to be deeply concerned about the [Page 788] Naco incident due to the attitude of Governor Maytorena, who has not so far defined his conduct and intentions. According to the same press, I am pleased to see that the Department of State has at its disposal repeated reports on the efforts and best wishes of General Benjamin Hill to avoid at all hazards that projectiles from the Maytorena troops should cross the line into American territory.

For my part, inspired by the desires which animate Mr. Carranza that no damage should be caused to the interests and persons of the residents of Naco, Arizona, I beg leave to address your excellency the present note to express my best wishes to do whatever may be necessary to cooperate with you towards the solution of this deplorable incident. To that end, I beg to offer you my good offices in my capacity of representative of the Constitutionalist Government here, as well as those of our counsel, Mr. Charles A. Douglas, who like myself will go to the extent that the circumstances may require, in the belief that this will afford us the opportunity to set in relief the friendliness of Mr. Carranza and his government for the American people.

I avail [etc.]

E. Arredondo.