File No. 703.3212/17b.

The Secretary of State to the Brazilian Ambassador.

My Dear Mr. Ambassador: Referring to our conversation over the telephone, in which you reported that your Minister at Mexico City had informed you that the American Embassy had been turned over to the British Minister there, I beg to say that I telegraphed Chargé O’Shaughnessy yesterday, stating that arrangements had been made with your Government for its Minister to act as our diplomatic representative after the withdrawal of our representative.

I explained yesterday to the British Ambassador the action of Chargé O’Shaughnessy and told him that the Department had telegraphed the Chargé instructions in regard to the arrangement made through your Government with your Minister there.

The British Ambassador telegraphed the British Minister at Mexico City explaining that a mistake had been made, and correcting it. I do not know whether my telegram was delivered to Mr. O’Shaughnessy or not. Some former telegrams had not been. It may be well, therefore, for me to send a telegram to your Minister through your Embassy, and I shall be glad if you will send the following:

Brazilian Legation,
City of Mexico

Arrangement has been made through your Government, and with the consent of its Embassy here, for you to take over the archives, records, etc., of the American Embassy in the City of Mexico. However, before we could communicate with Chargé O’Shaughnessy the latter spoke to the British Minister about acting for us. I explained the mistake to the British Ambassador here and wired our Chargé to turn the Embassy over to you. I am not sure that the message [Page 638] was delivered to him, and he may have left before receiving the instructions. The matter has been explained to the British Legation at the City of Mexico by the British Ambassador here, and I send you this message to ask you to call at the British Legation and receive such archives, records, etc., as have been transferred to the Legation; and you will please act for us until further notice. We appreciate very much the willingness of your Government to render us this service and your own acquiescence in the arrangement. You will please keep us informed as to the interests of Americans there and render them such aid as is within your power.

W. J. Bryan

You can decide whether this should be sent in your cipher or plain; possibly it might be better for the present for me to send our messages to you to be put into cipher to insure their delivery. You will, of course, keep an account of the expense incurred either here or in the City of Mexico and render an account for the same at such intervals as you may wish.

Assuring you again of our appreciation of your Government’s courtesy, and of your own, I am [etc.]

W. J. Bryan