File No. 838.516/13.

The National Bank of the Republic of Haiti to the Secretary of State.

Sir: It is very urgent that the National Bank of the Republic of Haiti, Port au Prince, transfer to New York $110,000 in gold. Due to the virtual stoppage of communication by merchant vessel, it is practically impossible to bring this gold here at the moment. We would therefore very much appreciate it if you would arrange to have this gold brought up by the first United States warship sailing from Port au Prince, and advise us in due course what ship will bring the gold and when she sails, so that we may effect the necessary insurance.

As we have been advised that the cable has been cut, we take the liberty of enclosing a message to the National Bank of the Republic of Haiti, with the request that you have the same forwarded for our account to Guantánamo and from there by wireless to a United States warship at Port au Prince, and beg to express our appreciation of your courtesy in the matter.

Yours very truly,

National Bank of the Republic of Haiti,
Henry H. Wehrhane, Vice President


Ban que Nation ale de la Republique d’Haiti,
Port au Prince.

Have hundred and ten thousand dollars gold packed for shipment to Hallgarten by United States warship. You will be advised later name of ship and date of sailing.

Henry H, Wehrhane, Vice President