File No. 819.74/51.

Minister Price to the Secretary of State.


The following formal answer received from Panaman Minister for Foreign Affairs in the matter of wireless telegraphy:

My Government accepts in general terms the proposal the United States makes to it with reference to establishment of wireless telegraph stations [Page 1045] within the territory of the Republic provided that the number be six instead of four and the location of first four be agreed upon at once.

I wish to hold a conference with your excellency, Doctor Valdes, legal adviser of this Department, attending, for the purpose of arranging a definite convention in the matter in accordance with legal requirements of Panama as well as satisfying needs of the [Canal] for military defense.

Amplifying this answer and following a discussion Panaman Minister for Foreign Affairs states that he is uncertain as to whether Panama would now prefer to construct and own the stations in its territory, giving us control in case of war or threatened war, or to let us construct and own them and have control and jurisdiction at all times but that he will confer later as to the matter; that if latter course is adopted Panama now will be content with the construction of only two stations promptly, the same to be located on the Atlantic and Pacific coast of the Darien region, and the agreement by the United States to construct as many as four more when our two Governments agree as to the general needs of Panama calling for them as distinguished from needs of shipping. He states that Panama is willing to grant the United States the monopoly of the situation in either case mentioned but claims that such a grant of itself will require a treaty and its ratification by the National Assembly of Panama.