File No. 312.52/102.

Ambassador Willard to the Secretary of State.


Minister for Foreign Affairs under date of January 2 writes me:

Please let some one translate to you the original telegram I received and please be so good as to renew your recommendations to Washington in behalf of those poor Spaniards so cruelly and persistently persecuted by Mexican rebels.

Following is a translation of the telegram above referred to, to Prime Minister, Madrid, Spain:

El Paso, December 30, 1914.

Notwithstanding efforts made by Minister for Foreign Affairs at Washington near revolutionists, Villa continues expulsion of Spaniards Parral, plundered [Page 785] movable property, confiscating immovable property. Beg you to take energetic steps to avoid cruel abuses otherwise an unfortunate or fatal precedent will be established for Spaniards residing in republican places invaded or which may be invaded by revolutionists causing loss of lives and many millions of pesos by Spanish Colony at Chihuahua.

Vega Angoitea.

I await your instructions.