File No. 4737/40.

The Brazilian Chargé to the Secretary of State.

Mr. Secretary of State: I am directed by my Government to thank the Government of the United States for the part it has taken in our sorrow.

Words fail me, Mr. Secretary, when I attempt to express our deep sensibility of the sympathetic attitude of the American Government on the occasion of our ambassador’s death. Indeed, it is impossible to adequately thank the President and you for the noble tribute you pay in your note of January 17 to the character of Ambassador Nabuco and for all the kindness of the American Government toward the ambassador’s family. But, you may be sure, Mr. Secretary of State, that all these manifestations of esteem and regard were not bestowed unworthily, for among foreign representatives America has had no sincerer and more devoted friend than Ambassador Nabuco.

Be pleased to accept, etc.,

E. L. Chermont.