File No. 4737/41.

The Brazilian Chargé to the Secretary of State.

Mr. Secretary of State: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your note of January 20, confirming the oral statement made to me, at your request, by Mr. Hale, Third Assistant Secretary of State, in regard to the President’s kind offer of his yacht, the Mayflower, to convey the remains of the late Ambassador Nabuco, on the afternoon of February 14, from Washington to Hampton Roads, where the remains will be transferred to the cruiser Montana, which will convey them, escorted by me, to Rio de Janeiro.

For this courtesy and special honor I am requested by Baron Rio Branco, our minister of foreign affairs, to renew the earnest thanks of the Government of the United States of Brazil to the President and the American Government.

May I be permitted to add that Madame Nabuco and her children, as well as the embassy staff, are profoundly grateful for the tribute paid by the United States Government to the late Brazilian ambassador.

Be pleased, etc.,

E. L. Chermont.