Mr. McGarr to Mr. Gresham.

No. 158.]

Sir: The Chilean Congress at its regular session, which expired on the 1st instant, passed a law of general amnesty comprehending all persons liable for acts of a political character, or growing out of the political condition of the country, done up to the 28th of August, 1891, and all Chileans liable for acts against the internal order of the State since the 29th of August of the same year.

While expressed in few and general terms, this act was designed especially, if not wholly, as one of oblivion or pardon for offenses charged to have been committed by many civil and military officers of Balmaceda’s Government before and after the beginning of the revolutionary movement, and for offenses committed in the several attempts against the Government established since Balmaceda’s overthrow. It removes the last exception to complete amnesty to all concerned in the civil war.

The act was promptly approved by the President, and a large number of prisoners, some under sentence, have been restored to liberty.

I have, etc.,

Owen McGarr.