Mr. Haselton to Mr. Gresham.

No. 32.]

Sir: The Government of Venezuela manifests in many ways a cordial appreciation of that portion of the message of the President of the United States which relates to the boundary question pending between this country and Great Britain, and by a communication, a copy and translation of which are inclosed, has requested me to transmit to the President, through the Department of State, the expression on its part of the ideas and sentiments therein contained. I have, etc.

Seneca Haselton.
[Inclosure in No. 32.—Translation.]

Mr. Rojas to Mr. Haselton.

Most Excellent Sir: The message sent by the most excellent Mr. Cleveland to the Congress of the United States at the opening of its present session contains expressions relative to our question with England which speak much for the spirit of equity and true Americanism of the great Republic.

In effect the message invokes the principle of arbitration as adequate to the settlement of the dispute; it advocates its adoption as a resort honorable to both parties; it notes the fact that Venezuela, the weaker power, earnestly desires arbitration; and it gives assurance that the voice of the great American nation will be heard in favor of a decorous and peaceful solution of this vexatious matter of difference.

Venezuela, most excellent sir, has noted with singular gratitude this noble proof of concern for her tranquillity and her honor, and the Government of which I form a part, as the authorized interpreter of the national sentiment, earnestly desires that the most excellent Mr. Cleveland should know of the grateful impression here produced by his eloquent words, and should be made acquainted with the appreciation on the part of this Republic of the generous offices which, in the furtherance of an adjustment between England and Venezuela, he in the above-mentioned portion of his notable message promises to exercise.

The executive power trusts that your worthy legation will be pleased to transmit to the President of the United States, through the medium of the Department of State, the expression of the foregoing sentiments, and in so requesting,

I have, etc.,

P. Ezequiel Rojas.