Mr. Rojas to Mr. Gresham.


Excellency: The Government of Venezuela, giving heed to everything directly or indirectly related to the important question of the Guianan boundary, has seen with satisfaction the map of South America attached to the report on the agriculture of the continent published a short time since under the number “2” by the Department of Agriculture in the United States, as also the remarks which, with regard to the subject of that dispute, appear on pages 174 and 175 of the same official work. In the map referred to, the part which adjoins British Guiana is shown in complete conformity with the rights of Venezuela, and the passages to which allusion is made clearly show and recognize the title of the Republic to the absolute possession of the territories it claims.

The proof of international justice which these publications afford can do no less than impose an obligation upon the Government of Venezuela, which ever beholds in your great Republic the largest safeguard of American interests and the stoutest shield of the nations of the New World against all assaults opposed to the fundamental principles of the law of nations.

In addressing your excellency upon this subject with a view to manifesting the gratifying impression produced on the executive power of Venezuela by the perusal of this part of the above-mentioned report, published by the Department of Agriculture,

I avail, etc.,

P. Ezequiel Rojas.