Mr. Bartleman to Mr. Gresham.

No. 148.]

Sir: I have the honor to transmit herewith, in copy and translation, a decree issued to-day with reference to foreigners who may come to Venezuela.

I have, etc.,

R. M. Bartleman.
[Inclosure 1 in No. 148.—Translation.]

Joaquin Crespo, Constitutional President of the United States of Venezuela, with the approval of the council of government, considering:

That article 78 of the present constitution gives the President of the Republic the right, with the approval of the council of government, “to prohibit the entrance into the national territory, or to expel from it, those foreigners who have no residence in the country and who are notoriously prejudicial to the public order.”
That in order to carry out the terms of this decree it is necessary to know those individuals who enter the country, just as in other countries is being done for the same object.


  • Article 1. Foreigners who may come to Venezuela shall present to the chief of the custom-house of the respective port a documentary declaration that shall state (1) their full names and those of their parents; (2) their nationality; (3) the place and date of their birth; (4) their last place of residence; (5) their profession and manner of living; and (6) their names, ages, and nationality of their wives and minor children, if accompanied by them.
  • Art. 2. The chiefs of custom-houses will make known by telegraph to the national executive the contents of said declarations, or that none have been presented.
  • Art. 3. In case they shall be without said documents, foreigners may ask for them on the testimony of persons who know them, and who are trustworthy.
  • Art. 4. Foreigners who have already entered the country during the past six months shall present the declaration asked for, if in the federal district, to the governor of the same; and if they have gone to other places, those who reside in the capitals shall present their declarations to the presidents of the States, while those who reside in other localities shall present them to the local authorities.
  • Art. 5. In the cases mentioned in the previous article, the governor of the federal district or the president of the respective State shall inform the national executive of the result, in accordance with articles 2 and 3, in order that it may determine whether the foreigners who have made unsatisfactory declarations, or have not been able or were unwilling to comply with the required formalities, are to be considered prejudicial or proper subjects for expulsion.
  • Art. 6. Consuls of the Republic will publish this decree at the places where they reside, causing it to be translated in those countries where Spanish is not the language, [Page 803] and they shall send to the Government copies of the papers in which it has been reproduced.

Joaquin Crespo.

Countersigned, the minister of interior,
José R. Nunez.

Countersigned, the minister of foreign affairs,
P. Ezequiel Rojas.

Countersigned, the minister of hacienda,
Fabricio Conbo.