Mavroyeni Bey to Mr. Gresham.

Mr. Secretary of State: I have duly communicated to the Sublime Porte, by telegraph, last evening, the names you were kind enough to give me, by your yesterday’s note, of some Armenians, naturalized Americans, and asked for information about same.

I am glad to have now to inform you that according to a telegram from His Excellency Said Pacha, just this minute received, the two Armenian persons in detention, according to your said note, at Alexandretta, are not, as a matter of fact, in detention now. And as regards Aivazian, he is accused of a crime for which he is at present tried before the courts. His Excellency Said Pacha adds in his telegram that further details on all these points will be sent by mail.

I hope your excellency will duly appreciate the promptness and fairness of the Sublime Porte’s answer.

Please accept, etc.,