Mavroyeni Bey to Mr. Gresham.


Mr. Secretary of State: Certain Ottoman subjects, when out of the Ottoman territory, now and then indulge in malicious publications for blackmailing purposes.

Your excellency is aware of the fact that, in many instances, the Imperial Government has taken administrative action for the prevention of intemperate language brought to its notice in Turkish newspapers directed against governments and statesmen who are on friendly terms with us. The Imperial Government therefore hopes that similar measures may be taken by that of the United States whenever it may be necessary. In fact, the Sublime Porte’s wish is that such Ottoman subjects as would come to the United States and attempt there to publish, with obviously malicious intent, newspapers or pamphlets, or to spread false information through the local press, be delivered to us.

I am pleased to hope that the Government of the United States will be willing to acquiesce in the foregoing.

Accept, etc.,