Mr. Gresham to Mr. Terrell.


Since my telegram of 2d instant declining participation of this Government in proposed investigation of reported occurrences at Sassoun, your supplementary telegram of the same date has been received.

The Turkish minister yesterday repeated the Sultan’s desire that an American join the Turkish commissioners in the investigation; and, moreover, the British Government, a party to the treaty of Berlin, has expressed its desire that a capable and upright citizen of the United [Page 720] States participate and report his individual conclusions. The President therefore directs that Mr. Jewett, consul at Sivas, accompany the Turkish commission (not, however, as a member of it) to the district in which the alleged atrocities were committed, and after full and impartial investigation report the facts for the information of this Government. He will not join the Turkish or other commissioners in any report. You will inform the minister of foreign affairs, and if necessary, ask proper escort for Mr. Jewett.