Senhor Mendonça to Mr. Gresham.

Sir: The tariff law of the 28th of August ultimo having abrogated the commercial agreement entered into on January 31, 1891, by the United States of Brazil and the United States of America, I have the honor to communicate to your excellency that my Government has [Page 79] informed his excellency Thomas L. Thompson, minister of the United States of America at Rio de Janeiro, of its intention and decision to denounce said commercial agreement, and has directed me to communicate to your excellency that, in virtue of the stipulation contained in the notes exchanged between the negotiators of said international agreement, and dated January 31, 1891, it deems it necessary to definitely inform your excellency of its intention and decision to consider at an end said commercial agreement in accordance with the stipulation therein contained regarding its duration, so that the termination of said agreement shall begin to take effect on the 1st day of January, of the year 1895.

I am sure that the cessation of our reciprocity agreement will in no wise affect the commercial relations of our countries, considering that their mutual interests and spirit of cordial friendship now rest on a firmer basis than a written contract.

Accept, etc.,

Salvador de Mendonça.